Brief Introduction of Greater Higgnan Mountains

It is an area with the sparsest population, with a total population of 540,000 people, about 24 ethnic groups. In the local people’s eyes, it is a place of great natural resources. And all the tings in it can be regarded as a kind of things of great value. And on the ground of this magic land are rich natural resources too.

Forest is the most important resources in it, and it is the vast forest resource that made it known in China. It is a kingdom of green. Among the wide range of mountains, people can see some famous and rare kinds of trees. There is a total forest area of 7,300,000 hectares, and the forest coverage rate in this mountain has reached 64%.

This mountain is also famous for its various wild  animals.In this natural garden of plants and animals live a proliferation of red deer, moose, black bear, Pao Zi, Zhang Zi, Yi Hu, Xue Tu, Sable, lynx Lee, Hazel chicken, black-bone chicken, wild pheasant, mandarin duck, black grouse, and other rare birds and animals mouth More than 330 kinds. And its great resources of mine have played an important role in the whole country’s development.

Located in the north part of Heilongjiang, it is also a place with the high latitude. It is the boundary of Heilongjiang and Nen River. In its east and west, there are about 3,000 large and small rivers and 500 lakes. The best time for visitors is summer.

In history, it is the birthplace of at least five minorities and two dynasties, and the two are Wei and Qing Dynasty. And the numerous ancient ruins in this area also show that it is a important place for the development of human.

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