Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder

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Detailed Product Description

Strawberries are especially noted for their very high ORAC value. They contain more iron than most berry types.
Each serving provides nearly 2,300 ORAC units.

Strawberries also are an excellent source of phenolic compounds, particularly ellagitannins and hydroxycinnamic acid.

Eating fresh strawberries is as a great way to make sure you get these essential nutrients, but it can be tricky. They aren't always available right throughout the year, and can often expire before you have had a chance to eat them. However, freeze dried strawberry powder can provide a convenient solution.

Freeze dried berries offer a quick and easy way of incorporating such nutrients into your diet. You can quickly add them to cereal or yoghurt, or have them as a snack whilst you commute to work, play online games at sites like or watch television. Freeze dried strawberry powder also makes it incredibly simple to add strawberry flavour and nutrients as an ingredient.

Senmei's freeze dried strawberry powder are made from totally wild strawberries. These strawberries were picked from the forest of Greater Higgnan Mountains and made into freeze dried products by modern technology. The best resource provide you the most nutritious FD strawberry products.

Package Information

Outer Package: Standard Export Carton
Inner Package: PE Bags 

Carton Size (cm) Capacity (KGS)
57 x 37 x 31  
45 x 45 x 73  10


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